It's time to learn more English out of school, that's why here you have a blog to practice English by doing more exercises, watching videos, reading articles, etc.

I hope you like it and learn from it at the same time!

UNIT 11 Future plans

11A New Year’s resolutions

Activity 1
Click the following link and read about the "be going to" for the future. Then, do the exercises, check your grades. Finally, SEND me the exercises to my e-mail (you just have to select them and copy them on a Word Document)

Click here
Future: "Be going to"
Exercise 1

Exercise 2

11B No more exams!

Activity 2
Click the following link and do the matching exercise, check your grades. Finally, SEND me the exercises to my e-mail (you just have to select them and copy them on a Word Document)

Click here

will, going to, might

11C Finding your way

Activity 3

Click the next link and do the lintening exercise about giving directions. When you finish send me the exercise.

Click here: "Giving Directions"


11D The grass is always greener

Activity 4
Watch video 1 and write five similar sentences but compare two different cities from Mexico. Send the sentences to my e-mail.

Watch video 2 and answer the following questions:


1. Which twin is older?
2. Which city is bigger, San Francisco or New York?
3. Who can cook better, Archie or Helen?


4. Which is the most beautiful city in the USA?
5. Which is the coldest country in the world?


UNIT 12 Life Experiences

12A World records

12B Have you ever…?

12C Have a good trip!

UNIT 1 Work, Rest and Play

1A Life stories

1B Super commuters

1C Time to relax

1D Speed dating

UNIT 2 Beginnings

2A Starting small

2B First meetings

2C The 1001 Nights

2D Small talk

UNIT 3 The World of Work

3A Getting qualified

3B Job-hunting

3C Strange jobs

3D I’m really sorry!

UNIT 4 That’s entertainment!

4A The silver screen

Activity 1

Watch the following trailer about the movie: 'Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs'
and answer these questions:

Click here
‘Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs’

1. What kind of film is it?
2. Who is the director?
3. Which are the characters?
4. What’s it about? (the plot: the story of the film)
5. What’s it like? ( your opinion of the film)

Once you answer the questions send them to my e-mail.

4B The rhythm of life

Activity 2

Here you have a link of a very good explanation of Present Perfect, check it and do exercises 5 and 6 which are at the bottom of the page.

Click here Present Perfect explanation with exercises

Once you finish doing the exercises, select, copy, and paste them on a Word document and send it to my e-mail.

To learn more about Present Perfect, check the 4 videos on the right about Life Experience.

4C TV or not TV?

Activity 3

-ed or –ing adjectives


TV can sometimes de fun and exciting.

Many people are worried about how much TV children watch


1. We use -ed adjectives to describe how people feel.

2. We use -ing adjectives to describe the thing, situation, place or person that causes the feeling.

Check this link and do the exercise which is at the bottom of the page. Copy it on a Word Document and send it to me.


4D What do you think?

Activity 4

-What do you know about cloning?

-Do you know who was Dolly?

Watch this conference called Human cloning: why is there a fuss? By Lee Silver (Princeton University- Molecular/ Biology & Public Affairs Professor), then post a comment answering the following questions and comment someone else opinion, check my example.

Should human cloning be banned? What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? And Why?

To have more ideas about cloning check this article and this video from Discovery Channel:



UNIT 5 Into the Future

5A Man or machine?
Activity 1

5B Never too old
Activity 2

5C Out of this world
Activity 3

Click the following links to know more about Verbs + prepositions, then do the quiz, check your grades and send it to my e-mail.

1.Verbs + prepositions webpage

2. Verb + Preposition Dictionary ( To look up a verb + preposition combination, click a letter in the menu on the left)

3. Quiz about Verbs + prepositions

5D It’s for charity
Activity 4

Real world

Phrases to make offers, suggestions and requests

a) Making offers

b) Responding to offers

Shall I make some posters?

Can I give you a hand?

I’ll help you, if you like.

Yes, that’d be great.

Great, thanks a lot.

Yes, why not?

No, don’t worry. Thanks anyway.

c) Making requests

d) Making suggestions

Will you organize that?

Could you give me a hand?

Can you do that?

Shall we start?

Let’s decide who does what.

Why don’t we ask Steve?

Do exercise 6 page 42 from the student book

a) Fill in the gaps with the phrases in the boxes.